New Nepenthes Vol. 1

New Nepenthes Vol. 1

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This work documents all new species and discoveries of Nepenthes made since the publication of Pitcher Plants of the Old World. Highlights include 8 brand new species, emended descriptions of N. lamii and N. monticola, expeditions reports and accounts of new understanding of the diversity and distribution of many Nepenthes species.

Pages: 596
Images: 491
Page size: 229 x 153 mm

This exciting new book provides an update on the genusNepenthes, covering all new species and discoveries made since the publication of Pitcher Plants of the Old World. Highlights include:

- 8 brand new Nepenthes species – including two from Borneo, two from Sulawesi, two from New Guinea, three from the Phillippines

- emended descriptions of N. lamii and N. thorelii (both plants were previously wrongly identified)

- an account of a newly discovered population of N. pitopangii(with spectacular colouration).

- an account of new understanding of the diversity of N. philippinensis and related species

- expedition reports and a comparison of all highland Nepenthes of Palawan (many of the most spectacular Nepenthes known).

- complete descriptions and a comparison of all recently described Indochinese taxa.

…and much, much more.

The full diversity, wild ecology and distribution of each newNepenthes is accounted in full detail, along with a fascinating report of the discovery of each plant, written by its discoverers.

Signed copies bear the signature of Stewart McPherson.

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